Here Is What Happened To a Pregnant Elephant In Kerala

The death of a pregnant elephant after she ate a fruit that was stuffed with explosives.

The news of a pregnant elephant that died in Kerala has recently shook the entire country. Ministers, officials blamed the people of Malappuram, where the elephant died. The news was out very soon as the incident took place. An elephant, pregnant and hungry was searching for food and unfortunately ate a pineapple filled with explosives. Did she consume it herself or was forced to consume? According to the villagers, the pineapple filled with explosives was meant for wild animals who comes to destroy their cultivated land. The crude explosion caused serious injuries to her jaw, mouth and tongue and she had wandered about writhing in pain, eventually seeking reprieve by staying immersed in the cold waters of the stream before she died on May 27, 2020. She didn’t even harm a single human or destroyed the houses but silently passed through the village in deadly pain.

The news has created a lot of rumors and the media had spread a lot of misinformation. Locals claimed that this was an act done by some people living in the forest fringes to keep the animals away from their cultivated land, and the officials said that harming any animal for any reason was highly condemned. Many on Social Media Communalized the Incident and Abused the Muslim Community. One of the famous minister also referred to Malappuram district (where the incident took place) as the most violent district. However, it is shameful to give a communal colour to such a tragic incident. It diverts from the main issue of human expansion into habitat of animals.

World environment day this year was marked by this tragic event that took place in Kerala. It is indeed important to preserve wild animals instead of attempting to slam the people of that place as done by some prominent political leaders and a section in social media to give a communal and political slant to the tragic incident. The Kerala Forest Department has registered a case under the Wildlife Protection Act and the police have registered a case under the Explosives Act and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Following this tragic incident, people have come together in support of saving wildlife and protecting animals. Through social media the death of elephant was widely spread creating an awareness to raise the protection of animals. Many posters, slogans were created as a part of this incident. Regarding the issue, an awareness about restoring humanity has also got famous. By marking the death of a mother to be elephant has brought a sense of humanity in people across the country.



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