A space that was lost forever

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It was her first time in an airplane. Hosi was reminiscing about her happy days with her family. Like any other woman, Hosi always dreamed about becoming a one-night successful millionaire. Hosi belonged to a swineherd family. At a young age, she wanted to leave her place and go to the Gulf country to make more money.

None of her family members ever went out of their village. She was the first person to do so.

It was a long journey to the Gulf country. She sat alone in the aisle seat. She started losing her courage of settling alone…

An epitome of divinity

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I grew up listening to various stories that were beautifully narrated by my grandmother. My grandma, who was in her eighties then profoundly introduced me to everything that I am supposed to learn, through her folk stories. She talked about birds, animals, trees, seasons, and what not.

Time flew and I grew older. It was the day I realized I lost my parents on my birth. I was left alone in this world and my old grandmother took care of me since then.

She gave me love and happiness. We lived in harmony.

Our tiny house was across the river…

The dark side of the hair industry

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Thick, black, strong Indian hair has been the western market’s favorite item for many years. India is one of the global suppliers of hair to various markets around the world. The Indian hair is famous for its charismatic appearance inside out. After Hong Kong, India is on the top list of hair supplies. The supply of raw, unprocessed black hair from India has made its name in the trade.

From where these many hairs?

This might seem weird or unbelievable, but a very huge quantity of Indian thick black hair is exported from various temples in India. People believe that…

The new era.

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Interaction with the customers in a powerful communicative way needs absorbing content in simple and clear form. Writing content related to a specific topic for the selected audience will have greater reach and response. In today’s scenario, where start-ups, organizations, and many more are emerging in markets, it is necessary to update and share the services with customers for better growth of the company. Whether the goal is to generate new leads or inform current customers about the new or improved services, creating quality content is the pathway to accomplishing those goals.

It is necessary to provide sufficient information about…

How much are you addicted to your smartphone?

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Who is distracted? Me, my parents or my grandparents? We live in 2020, and the world is so much advanced in every way. We live in technology or technology live in us….well the answer is unknown to some extent. Things were different 20 years ago. Situation has turned out like we can’t live without our mobile phones, the so-called smartphones now. From morning alarm to holy books, diet chart, calling taxi and in some cases people earn for their bread through these smartphones.

Didn’t we still learn time management even with the help of so much technology. Sometimes these smartphones…

Connecting your own mental and emotional state.

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Learning to live life to its fullest is a self-reflection which many people acquire very late in their lives. I would like to mention the rest of the others. Yes, a few people who are truly committed to their lives and others and are grateful in life will attain the ability to how to move forward and succeed in life through introspection at a very young age.

Introspection is a mechanism to scrutinize your deep feelings by exploring yourself which helps you to connect dots that were not connected previously, giving meaning to your life. Introspection helps you to find…

Boon or bane...

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The world is moving and improving in terms of technology every second. We are living in a world where we can predict the future of certain things.

Data science is a huge subject that is going to be a boon in the future. Data scientists are in huge demand nowadays. Most of the companies have a post called “data scientist or data analyst.” This shows the growing demand for data scientists.

Data science is not like learning other subjects. It requires patience, will, and brain to learn this. It is said that the future will run on data science and…

10 steps to wisely choose the right publication for your article

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I started writing on Medium since the beginning of pandemic days. Medium is not a saturated platform like Twitter or Instagram. It is for those who actually have a passion to read and write. As a growing writer, I had to go through many YouTube videos to understand the functioning of Medium. After watching 4 to 5 videos I thought now I know everything on Medium, but fortunately or unfortunately I was wrong.

It took me time to understand that this is a vast platform and every little piece of information on this is a big book of knowledge. After…

Is it manipulation or the real thing?

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The United States of America has always been a strong magnet that attracts people. As the USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, it provides a first-class living experience and fabulous universities that attract people. It is one of the best places for a person to acquire knowledge and grow substantially.

The USA provides professional and personal growth to individuals by promising them high-quality education and an infinite number of career opportunities. Among all the universities of the world, the USA contains some excellent universities, which are well known for their history and success. This is…

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